HATCON (Hydraulic Attachment Tools Connectivity) 

HATCON has not even been out a year, and yet it is already assisting companies improve their maintenance and monitoring of their breakers in many quarrying applications.

This week Quarrying Magazine wrote an article regarding the innovative product from Epiroc. This product offers a new digital alternative for tracking operations and locations of tools. This offers a level of information previously not available to quarry and operations managers.

HATCON which stands for Hydraulic Attachment Connectivity is just another excellent product coming from the geniuses over at Epiroc.

HATCON Benefits & Features

They offer a factory fit kit, and all new Epiroc tools come with pre drilled mounting holes to suit. HATCON is available factory mounted or as a retrofit kit for Epiroc’s Premium range of breakers and drum cutters.

With the retrofit kit, Epiroc wanted to make sure that this innovative solution was available to almost everyone. They do recommend though that not all features can be accessed by the retrofit versions, as it may lack some of the required integrations for the full feature set.

If you’d like to read Quarrying Magazines article which goes more into depth the quality and experience of using HATCON to manage your tools, you can read the article here:

HATCON in Australia by BAEG

If you’re interested in finding out about fitting HATCON units to your tools, reach out to your local BAEG sales office as we always want to see our customers get the most out of their tools.