Erkat ER Drum Cutters

The transverse drum cutter is ideally suited for trenching, tunnelling, special foundation work, demolition and forsoil mixing. The operating characteristics of erkat special drum cutters allow them to be used in noise and vibration sensitive areas.

Powerful Erkat ER Drum Cutters

  • Mechanical 360° rotatable console with standard Atlas Copco hole pattern (except for ER 5500)
  • Adaptable hydraulic motors with powerful torque
  • Extremely robust spur gears
  • Cutter heads mounted on oversized bearings guarantee a long operating and service life
  • Heavy duty fasteners guarantee secure fixture of cutter heads
  • Large variety of special cutting heads for profiling, mixing and mining as well as wood cutting (non-standard models)

ER Drum Cutters Brochure

Click here to download the Erkat brochure.

   ER 40 XER 50 XER 50ER 100 XER 100ER 250 XER 250
Carrier weight class 1t0.6 – 21 – 31 – 33 – 73 – 78 – 158 – 15
Service weight 2kg110170200330350520570
Product weightkg90130160290310450500
Nominal powerkW13181830304545
Length of drum cutter (A)mm495610615805805940965
Width of cutter head (B)mm400400500500610600685
Diameter of standard cutter drums (C)mm225225240370370400450
Rotational speedrpm1301501501151159090
Optimum oil flow 3l/min17 – 2225 – 3825 – 3852 – 62 41 – 62 60 – 85 60 – 85
Maximum torque 4Nm9601,4201,4203,0003,0005,2005,200
Maximum cutting forceN8,53012,62011,85016,20016,20026,00023,200
Pick shaft diametermm11.411.41520202022
Number of picksPcs40405644644444
Maximum oil flowl/min4060609090100100
Maximum operating pressurebar350350350350350350350
   ER 600ER 650ER 1500 XER 1500 XLER 1700ER 2000 XER 2000
Carrier weight class 1t10 - 1815 - 2520 - 4020 - 4030 - 5035 - 5035 - 50
Service weight 2kg9001,2002,0002,1002,4502,7002,900
Product weightkg8201,0001,7501,8502,2002,4002,600
Nominal powerkW6580120120120160160
Length of drum cutter (A)mm1,1301,2501,4251,4251,4251,6001,600
Width of cutter head (B)mm7958008801,0001,0401,0501,250
Diameter of standard cutter drums (C)mm575585720720720720720
Rotational speedrpm80807575756565
Optimum oil flow 3l/min120 - 150140 - 190205 - 300205 - 300290 - 360300 - 390300 - 390
Maximum torque 4Nm10,10012,40023,40023,40027,90031,50031,500
Maximum cutting force 4N35,10042,40065,00065,00077,50087,50087,500
Pick shaft diametermm25303030303030
Number of picksPcs48444448565656
Maximum oil flow 5l/min170210320320400410410
Maximum operating pressurebar350350350350350350350
       ER 3000ER 5500
Carrier weight class 1t50 - 7070 - 125
Service weight 2kg4,0007,000
Product weightkg3,5006,000
Nominal powerkW200400
Length of drum cutter (A)mm1,6501,970
Width of cutter head (B)mm1,3301,600
Diameter of standard cutter drums (C)mm805920
Rotational speedrpm5348
Optimum oil flow 3l/min350 - 450700 - 950
Maximum torque 4Nm46,800111,500
Maximum cutting force 4N116,300242,400
Pick shaft diametermm38-3038
Number of picksPcs6468
Maximum oil flow 5l/min5001,000
Max. operating hydraulic pressure 1bar350350

1 Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.
2 Attachment with standard picks & average-sized adapter plate.
3 Various motor variants available per model
4 at 350 bar5 at 10 bar

EC Medium Hydraulic Hammer Specifications
EC Medium Hydraulic Hammer Specifications
EC Medium Hydraulic Hammer Specifications

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