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SB Solid Body Hydraulic Hammer – a powerful concept

What makes the Epiroc/Atlas Copco SB breakers so unique is the Solid Body concept, which integrates the percussion mechanism and guide system into one single block of steel. This unique design makes these breakers extremely compact and easy to handle and it also yields a weight reduction of 20% compared to other breakers. BA Equipment Group has been Australia’s supplier of the Epiroc/Atlas Copco SB breakers since 2013.

Due to their compact size and weight SB breaker hammers have a large variety of use cases from rock breaking, concrete breaking, construction, demolition and more. Because they are so compact they can fit the boom of smaller excavators to become the best option for concrete breakers in small or confined spaces. And the list of features makes them a fully featured versatile breaker hammer.

The SB range of hydraulic hammers optimise productivity through:

Automatic stroke-length switching AutoControl

  • optimises the output performance
  • reduces strain of idle blows

EnergyRecovery system

  • provides additional impact performance without increasing the hydraulic input
  • reduces vibration exposure to carrier and operator

Easy to Set Up

Installing an Epiroc/Atlas Copco SB breaker hammer is easy. The new SB breakers work with a wide oil flow range and can therefore be installed on a broad variety of carriers. In case of a hydraulic overload, the breakers are protected by an integrated protection valve which prevents damage to and downtime on the breakers. Installing another chisel for a different application is a matter of minutes using ordinary hand tools available on the job site. Epiroc/Atlas Copco Solid Body breakers are always ready for action and require very little maintenance.

Easy to Service

SB breakers have been designed to be the most reliable on the market. And even when they do need attention, they are easy to service. For example, the double tool retainer bars minimise stress and wear on the working tools. It’s easy to change the working tool thanks to the patented retainer bar lock system and replacing the floating working tool bushing can be done by the operator on-site with standard hand tools. The length of the bushing also provides excellent guidance for the working tool, which means less wear. An oil drainage port has been added through which the oil of the breaker can bleed easily if needed.

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Hydraulic Hammer Brochure

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  SB 52SB 102SB 152SB 202SB 302SB 452
CARRIER WEIGHT CLASS*t0.7-1.11.1-3.01.9-4.52.5-6.04.5-9.06.5-13.0
SERVICE WEIGHT**kg5590140200300440
OIL FLOW RATEl/min12-2716-3525-4535-6550-8055-100
OPERATING PRESSUREbar100-150100-150100-150100-150100-150100-150
IMPACT RATEbpm750-1,700750-2,300850-1,900850-1,800600-1,400550-1,150
SOUND POWER LEVEL GUARANTEED***dB(A)117115114118119122
SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL (r=10m)***dB(A)898785909194
  SB 552SB 702SB 1102
CARRIER WEIGHT CLASS*t9.0-15.010.0-17.013.0-24.0
SERVICE WEIGHT**kg5207201,060
OIL FLOW RATEl/min65-11580-120100-135
OPERATING PRESSUREbar100-150120-170130-180
IMPACT RATEbpm650-1,150600-1,050550-850
SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL (r=10m)***dB(A)979494
* Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc/Atlas Copco and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.
** Breaker with standard adapter plus working tool and screw kit.
*** EN ISO 3744 in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC.
Important: More detailed technical specifications are available in the product Safety and Operating Instructions at
SB Hydraulic Hammer Specifications

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